YUAN CHUN TEA Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) respects the privacy of your personal information
To protect your privacy and protect your network security when using this website, we hereby make the following statement (hereinafter referred to as this statement),
Explain to you the purpose, method, scope, use and
Relevant rights and other matters that can be exercised with respect to the personal information you provide. When you use this website,
You should read and abide by this statement carefully. When you continue to use the services of this website, you are deemed to have read,
Understand and fully agree to all the provisions of this statement, and agree to the company’s collection, processing and use of your
If you do not agree with the content of this statement, you should stop using this website immediately.
Scope of “Privacy Statement”
1. This statement applies to the platform and domain of this website, and when you participate in the activities of this website, all
The collection and use of personal data involved.
2. When you browse these websites through the links of other websites provided by this website, you will leave
This website, therefore, for the protection of your relevant rights and interests, the norms of these websites are applicable, and this website
The website is not involved, and this website is not jointly and severally liable.

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